5 Grammarly Alternatives for Writers, Bloggers, and Everyone Else!

Let the AI do the hard work so you can concentrate on your writing.

Jonathan Wylie
6 min readMar 20, 2022
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There are a lot of Grammarly alternatives out there, and they all have their benefits and drawbacks. The best one for you depends on your needs.

If you need a lot of help with grammar, punctuation, and style, then a program like Grammarly is probably the best option. It’s very thorough and can catch even the most subtle mistakes. However, it can also be quite expensive.

If you’re looking for something cheaper or free, plenty of options are available. Some programs focus on just one aspect of writing (like grammar or spelling), while others are more comprehensive but may not be as accurate as Grammarly.

So, here are the best alternatives that are worth your time.

1. WordTune

WordTune’s goal is to revolutionize the way we read and write. You can copy and paste your text into the online WordTune editor, but you can also check your writing on sites like Medium via the Chrome extension or in Microsoft Word with the WordTune add-in.

WordTunes uses advanced AI tools and language models that understand the context and semantics of written text. It goes beyond simple grammar and spelling fixes to help you put your thoughts into written words.

WordTune also has useful features like the option to highlight a word to get synonyms that make sense in the context of your writing. You can choose to have it rewrite sentences for you or to make them more formal or more casual.

The free version has enough to get you started, but to unlock all the features, you will be looking at 9.99 a month or 119.88 per year for the Premium plan.

Learn more at wordtune.com.

2. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is another writing assistant that is powered by artificial intelligence. It’s an all-in-one solution that offers a grammar checker, a style editor, and a writing mentor. It works with all the major browsers as well as Word, Outlook, Scrivener, Open Office, and Google Docs.

ProWritingAid gives you a score for each aspect of your writing to help you understand the overall quality of your writing. It uses a combination of suggestions, articles, videos, and quizzes to make writing fun and interactive.

The free version lets you edit 500 words at a time and only works in the online editor. The premium version is $79 a year and lets you check an unlimited number of words, and gives you access to the Chrome extension as well as the plugins that are needed for Word, Scrivener, and other desktop writing apps.

Learn more at https://prowritingaid.com.

3. Ginger

Ginger is an interesting tool. It has been around for a long time and is often high on the list as an alternative to Grammarly. It has a desktop app, a mobile app, a Chrome extension, and a Microsoft Word add-in.

Like Grammarly, Ginger considers entire sentences to suggest context-based corrections. It also uses artificial intelligence to help you reword your wordy sentences, and you can double-click on any word to get a synonym to add variety and depth to your writing.

The free plan gives you limited access to most of the tools. This is an excellent way to get a feel for whether or not this is the right tool for you. If it is, the premium plan is available for $7.49 a month or $89.88 a year. Of note, students and teachers can save 70% on the premium plan.

Learn more at gingersoftware.com.

4. LanguageTool

Of all the apps on this list, LanguageTool is undoubtedly the one that works in the most places. There are extensions for all the major browsers, apps for iOS, macOS, and Windows, as well as plugins for Microsoft Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice. You will even find the LanguageTool API powering spelling and grammar tools in popular notetaking apps like Ulysees.

In the LangauageTool editor, mistakes are highlighted in different colors according to the type of mistake you made. For example, spelling errors are red, grammar errors are yellow, and style errors are blue. The app itself has a distraction-free writing experience, a personal dictionary, and the option to switch between light and dark modes.

LanguageTool is surprisingly affordable for the features it offers. The free plan takes care of basic spelling and grammar checks, but $4.99 a month or $59.90 per year unlocks everything, including detecting incorrect names and titles in e-mails and typos associated with IBANs, ISBNs, and units of measurement.

Learn more at languagetool.org.

5. Microsoft Editor

Microsoft Editor is perhaps one of the lesser-known Grammarly alternatives, but it is a very compelling choice. It’s available as a Chrome extension so it can be used across the web, but it’s also integrated into Microsoft products like Word and Outlook.

Microsoft Editor handles the basics with free grammar, spelling, and punctuation proofing. However, if you upgrade to a paid plan, you also get advanced grammar suggestions and style-checking for clarity, conciseness, formality, vocabulary. It also works with more than 20 different languages.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Microsoft Editor is the pricing. It’s included in a Microsoft 365 subscription at just $6.99 a month or $69.99 per year. This gives you access to the desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. It even includes 1TB of cloud storage with OneDrive. If Microsoft Editor has the features you need, it’s perhaps the best deal out of anything else on this list.

Learn more at Microsoft 365.

Choosing an Alternative to Grammarly

My Grammarly subscription expires later this year. At the time, I just assumed that it was the app that I needed so I made the investment that was required to purchase a yearly subscription.

I enjoy using Grammarly, but now that I have tried the competition, I will definitely take some time to review my usage more closely to see if it is still the best tool for my needs.

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